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Processing Plants

Some of the important objectives of a good plant layout are as follows:

  • Overall simplification of production process in terms of equipment utilisation, minimisation of delays, reducing manufacturing time, and better provisions for maintenance

  • Overall integration of man, materials, machinery, supporting activities and any other considerations in a way that result in the best compromise.

  • Minimisation of material handling cost by suitably placing the facilities in the best flow sequence

  • Saving in floor space, effective space utilisation and less congestion / confusion

  • Increased output and reduced in-process inventories

  • Better supervision and control

  • Worker convenience and worker satisfaction

  • Better working environment, safety of employees and reduced hazards

  • Minimisation of waste and higher productivity

  • Avoid unnecessary capital investment

  • Higher flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions

Process Layout:

Process layout is a design for the floor plan of a plant to improve efficiency by arranging machinery and equipment according to its function.

Advantage of Process Layout:

  • Low cost of material handling

  • Lesser inventory and work in progress

  • The continuous flow of work

  • Smooth and continuous operations

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Comprehensive Consulting Solutions from Inception to Production


At MIT Group, we pride ourselves on being your steadfast partner throughout every stage of your venture. From the initial market study and project design to factory installation, production line setup, and the commencement of operations, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.
Our Comprehensive Consulting Services Include:

1.Market Study and Project Design: In-depth market studies to inform strategic project design. Tailored project designs aligned with your business goals.

2.Funding Assistance: Expert guidance in securing the necessary funding for your project. Assistance in navigating financial processes and requirements.

3.Factory Installation: Comprehensive support in planning and executing the installation of your factory. Ensuring adherence to industry standards and optimal layout design.

4.Production Line Setup: Strategic consulting for the setup of production lines tailored to your industry. Expertise in optimizing workflow for efficiency and productivity.

5.Installation System Guidance: Consultation on the installation of state-of-the-art systems for seamless operations.
Integration of cutting-edge technologies for enhanced performance.

6.Produce Line Installation: Hands-on support in setting up and configuring production lines for your specific products. Guidance on equipment selection and placement.

7.Production Commencement: Support in the transition from installation to actual production. Ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your manufacturing operations.

8.System Monitoring and Control: Implementation of robust monitoring and control systems for real-time insights.
Ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Legal and Certification Support:

Turkey Laws and Government Incentives:
Providing detailed information on Turkey's legal landscape.
Guidance on government incentives for employment creation and other legal procedures.

International Quality Certification:
Assisting in obtaining international quality degrees and certificates for your products.
Facilitating compliance with TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) requirements when needed.


Why Choose MIT Group for Your Journey?

    Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of industry expertise to guide you through each phase.
    Tailored Solutions: We understand that every project is unique, and our solutions are customized to fit your specific needs.
    End-to-End Support: From conception to production, we're with you every step of the way.
    Innovation: Embrace the latest technologies and industry best practices to stay ahead.

Embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that MIT Group is your dedicated partner in turning visions into successful, operational realities.

Join us today to begin your transformative journey

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