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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Turkey

In recent years, a notable trend has emerged within the realm of healthcare – the flourishing phenomenon of medical or health tourism. Simply put, health tourism involves the act of traveling to a foreign country to access their medical facilities and healthcare services. Among the frontrunners in this global healthcare migration is Turkey. With each passing year, an increasing number of foreign patients are choosing to seek treatment within its borders. The Turkish government has been actively nurturing the growth of health tourism, with ambitious goals of attracting 2 million patients from various corners of the world by 2023 and generating a revenue exceeding $20 billion. Remarkable milestones have already been reached in pursuit of this vision, with over a million foreign patients gracing Turkish hospitals in the past year alone. This article will shed light on the driving factors behind the influx of foreign patients into Turkey and expound upon the various facets of health tourism.

What Makes Turkey a Magnet for Health Tourism?
While many nations offer advanced medical services, they often come at exorbitant costs, rendering them financially unattainable for many international patients. Turkey, however, stands as an exception in this regard. Local healthcare facilities provide competitive pricing, making diagnostic assessments and treatments here significantly more affordable than their counterparts in the United States or Western Europe and Arab countries all while upholding an unwavering commitment to the delivery of high-quality services. In a bid to attract medical tourists with cost-effectiveness, the government has abolished value-added tax (VAT) for foreign patients receiving treatment in hospitals accredited by the Ministry of Health of Turkey.

Turkey's geographical location, its extensive range of medical services, its enchanting surroundings, and the fact that it encompasses 1.5 billion people across three different continents, all within a four-hour flight radius, position it as the shining star of the global health tourism industry.

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Your greatest treasure is your health, and no matter where healing may be found, even if it's beyond borders, it's within your reach. Take that first courageous step and apply for a consultation; we're here to walk this empowering journey with you. Your well-being is worth the journey!

"Crafting a narrative of precision and reassurance, where the patient's well-being is the ultimate performance."
"Crafting a narrative of precision and reassurance, where the patient's well-being is the ultimate performance."
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"Remember, your health is your most precious asset -  cherish it."

  1. Global Access to Healthcare: Patients can access medical services and treatments globally, choosing destinations that offer specialized care or cost-effective solutions.

  2. Cost Savings: Significant cost savings compared to medical procedures in the patient's home country, making medical tourism an attractive option for those seeking affordable healthcare.

  3. Quality Medical Services: Access to high-quality medical facilities, renowned healthcare professionals, and state-of-the-art technology in popular medical tourism destinations.

  4. Specialized Treatments: Availability of specialized treatments, elective surgeries, cosmetic procedures, dental care, and other medical services tailored to the patient's needs.

  5. Reduced Wait Times: Shorter waiting times for medical procedures, allowing patients to receive timely care without extended delays.

  6. Comprehensive Packages: Comprehensive medical tourism packages that often include treatment, accommodation, transportation, and sometimes leisure activities for a holistic experience.

  7. International Standards: Access to medical facilities adhering to international healthcare standards and regulations, ensuring quality and safety.

  8. Language Assistance:

    • Availability of language assistance services to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers.

  9. Cultural and Recreational Opportunities:

    • Opportunities to combine medical treatments with cultural experiences and recreational activities, creating a well-rounded healing experience.

  10. Experienced Medical Professionals: Access to experienced and skilled medical professionals, specialists, and healthcare teams offering a range of medical expertise.

  11. Privacy and Confidentiality: Adherence to strict privacy and confidentiality standards, protecting patient information and ensuring a secure healthcare environment.

  12. Post-Operative Care: Comprehensive post-operative care and follow-up services, often provided to support patients during their recovery period.

  13. Alternative and Holistic Medicine: Access to alternative medicine and holistic treatments that may not be readily available in the patient's home country.

  14. Accredited Facilities: Some medical tourism facilities and providers hold international accreditations, guaranteeing a commitment to recognized quality standards.

  15. Insurance Options: Availability of medical tourism insurance options to cover unexpected complications or additional medical needs during the patient's stay.

  16. Customized Healthcare Packages: Tailored healthcare packages that allow patients to choose services based on their preferences, medical needs, and budget.

  17. Easy Logistics: Well-developed travel infrastructure, including transportation and accommodation options, making it easier for patients to plan and organize their medical journey.

Understanding these key features empowers individuals to make informed decisions when considering medical tourism as an option for their healthcare needs.

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Key features of medical tourism include:

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