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In the field of agriculture and related industries, we provide the following consulting services to our customers:

Regional investigation in terms of climate and suitability for new crop cultivation, soil studies, selection of suitable options for investment such as types of agricultural land, gardens, and animal breeding. Additionally, we identify suitable locations for creating agricultural tourism in gardens, offering guidance on choosing the optimal point for cost-effective product transportation.

We assist in purchasing seeds, related products, and various types of organic fertilizers. Our services extend to providing information related to the laws of the Ministry of Agriculture, obtaining permits and incentives, and offering assistance throughout the process. We conduct market studies for effective product presentation and branding, devise by-product production plans, and provide consultancy for selecting the best production machinery and equipment. Our expertise also includes profit margin estimation.

All these services are designed to facilitate the investment process comprehensively, ensuring that our clients receive the support and guidance needed for successful ventures.

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• Higher productivity per unit of area.

• Total mechanisation from the moment of planting, with the aim of reducing costs and labour.

• Early entry into production, with faster amortisation of the investment.

• Less cultivation work and labour, which is increasingly scarce and costly.

• Fully mechanied harvesting: Increase in speed and efficiency using over-the-row machines.

• High quality of the oil obtained, 100% extra virgin 

Choosing the right variety is one of the core aspects of achieving the objectives plantation.

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The use of robots in agriculture offers several advantages, contributing to increased efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Labor Efficiency

  2. 24/7 Operation

  3. Precision Farming

  4. Data Collection and Analysis

  5. Cost Reduction

  6. Conservation of Resources

  7. Autonomous Operation

  8. Adaptability

  9. Reduced Environmental Impact

  10. Scalability

  11. Safety

  12. Real-Time Monitoring

The integration of robotics in agriculture represents a transformative shift, offering innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by the farming industry and fostering more sustainable and efficient practices.

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Crystal Salt

Comparison: Hydroponics
vs. Traditional Farming

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  1. Regional Investigation: Evaluation of climate conditions and suitability for new crop cultivation.   Soil studies to determine optimal conditions for various crops. Identification of suitable options for investment, encompassing agricultural land, orchards, and animal breeding.

  2. Agricultural Tourism Planning: Advising on suitable locations for creating agricultural tourism experiences within gardens.

  3. Logistics and Cost-Effectiveness: Strategic analysis to pinpoint the most cost-effective points for product transportation. Guidance on purchasing seeds, related products, and types of organic fertilizers.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Providing information related to the laws of the Ministry of Agriculture. Assisting in obtaining permits and incentives available from regulatory bodies.

  5. Market Study and Branding: Conducting a comprehensive market study for effective product presentation and branding.

  6. By-Product Production Plans: Formulating plans for by-product production to maximize efficiency and utilization.

  7. Machinery and Equipment Selection: Consulting on the selection of the best production machinery and equipment tailored to specific needs.

  8. Profit Margin Estimation: Evaluating profit margins to provide insight into the financial viability of investments.



Our Consulting Services:

Our commitment is to facilitate your investment by offering a holistic range of services, ensuring a seamless and informed decision-making process. At MIT Group, we strive to empower your agricultural ventures with expertise and support at every step.

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